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    • June


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    4 practical basement design ideas

    4 practical basement design ideas

    Many of us don’t really know how to put our basements to good use. It’s a crying shame, considering how valuable space is in your home. A good way to change that is by implementing a basement conversion, one of the most financially viable forms of home extension. Here are some ideas for your new

    • September


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    Space saving ideas for your loft conversion!

    Loft conversions carry with them incredible benefits. It’s the perfect way of expanding your home – after all, your attic space will usually go unused otherwise. On top of that, you get to add more life to your home space due to the height of the room, and with large enough windows you can make

    • January


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    House extensions

    House extensions

    Considering a house extension? Here’s what you should keep in mind The expectations we have towards our houses tend to change over the years. It’s only natural, considering our lives are ever-changing. We change partners, jobs, have kids, and so our living space needs to adjust. A simple solution for this is moving house, but


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