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Renovation services are skyrocketing in London, and there are more companies than ever that provide you refurbishment. However, there’s only one company that employs skilled experts, is completely upfront about the costs, and has more than 10 years of experience in the London housing market. Diamond Construction is a London-based construction company that strives to create a comfortable and cosy home for you and your family using the latest techniques and employing the most qualified people.

Planning and Proceeding with a Renovation

Do you feel like your living room looks ancient, your bedroom shows signs of use and screams for refurbishment, or you might want a loft conversion? Whichever it is, you probably have some hazy plan in mind and don’t know how to proceed with the refurbishment. That’s where we come in: If your renovation needs legal permission (and some extensions do), we’ll take care of it. If you are indecisive when it comes to the layout, we’ll give you unadulterated access to our design team, and they’ll sit down with you, listen to all of your requests, and create computer models for you, so you know how your house will look after everything is done. We are sure that you’ll be happy with the results. If the renovation includes electrical and plumbing work, we’ll take care of that, as well. Even if you require insulation and damp proofing, we are here for you.
This is just a sample of our services – we’ve strived to be a one-stop solution for all of your construction needs. With us, you’ll be carefree knowing every aspect of your plan will be expertly taken care of.

Kinds of Rooms We Offer

From the basement to the attic, we will take care of your renovation needs. Here are some of the most common renovations people order – maybe you’ll get some ideas:

The attic

Due to houses becoming smaller and smaller, loft conversions are en vogue now. You’d be amazed what a professional constructing service can do to make your attic attractive and livable. Whether you want to have an extra room for yourself or you want to get extra income from renting a room, you can’t go wrong with converting your attic to a cosy and spacious room.

Roof window
The basement

Same factors that are making attic conversions popular are the driving force behind the huge surge in basement renovations. Although refurbishing the basement needs more planning and incurs more costs compared to other rooms, this is offset by the advantages you get if you go through with it.

House extension
The living room

Most requested renovations concern the living room. The living room is the heart of your house – it’s where you spend time with your friends, bond with your family, and invite guests over. A new and refreshed living room will accentuate your house’s charms and give new life to old designs.

Room for watching movies on the projector. Blue sofa, wooden floor and wallpaper with skull

The Costs

Giving numbers is pretty tricky when it comes to house renovations – the size of the room, the materials used, your house’s layout, and the new design can significantly influence the cost, and if we give any preliminary number now, it’s sure to change when it is time for the refurbishment – that’s why we offer a free quote: we’ll come to your house, inspect the layout, work out the details with you, and in the end, we offer you a final quote that includes the price of everything. You can be sure that with us there are no hidden costs and shady last-minute price hikes.

Design and Styling

No renovation is complete without the final touches. Our professional design team will help you with colour schemes and furniture at the last stages of the renovation. As much as bricks and mortar are important, no room will be complete without an accompanying selection of high quality and expertly chosen furniture. With us, you’ll be sure your room looks unique, modern, and stylish. We’ll choose colours that are pleasing to the eye and layouts that make your room look spacious and are easy to navigate.

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