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If you have even a little bit of space outside of your home, your dreams of additional space inside of it and an elegant terrace in the garden where you can organise a BBQ with your friends and family, can become a reality. With the Diamond Construction team, quality and elegant house extensions in London are available to virtually everyone.

Adding living space in London is now more popular than ever, but many people start their extension project without knowing enough about design, legal matters, construction or planning. Our company can guide you through it, from estimating costs and designing extensions to the permitted development and building regulations.

House extension is an innovative and affordable solution that adds enough space to create a place for yoga practice, working on projects in a quiet and peaceful corner, or entertainment zone. This is exactly what many owners of small houses dream about.

If your house has its own garden or some extra space outside, then a house extension is an ideal way to expand the living space. Using the entire width of the facade, you can expand and renovate your house, for example, by integrating a bi-fold door connecting the yard space and the inside of the house. Typically, such systems are performed in order to combine the living room and dining area.

Moreover, it’s possible to expand the house, and add more light and free space with the help of large glass doors and walls. There is no need to perform colossal amounts of work to fill the house with natural light. In this case, the space inside the house will look infinitely more spacious and bright.

House extensions cost

If you want to construct an extension without too much difficulty and with minimal costs, then you need to choose high-quality but not too expensive materials. Using wood is a great way to create additional space in the house and add a special charm to it.

In a house with a very simple structure and modest size, the expansion option looks pretty stylish. There are many advantages – the added part usually looks very impressive and modern. Brightness and openness are the main advantage of this way of increasing the area of the house.

Of course, it’s rather important to make the transition from the attached part to the main structure more unnoticeable. Diamond Constructions Ltd makes extensions so that it is barely noticeable at first sight. Added space can be used as a summer playground, a covered terrace or just a place for rest and entertainment. Undoubtedly, the design of an additional zone in the house brings an undeniable charm to the general situation.

In this case, such an extension does not distort the general appearance of the house.

It is doubtless that this additional space is always designed to change the daily lives of the inhabitants of the house. Such an option does not require large expenses, but is very profitable!
Instead of spending huge amounts of money and wasting time searching for the perfect home, you can stay in the existing one, and even add extra space with a little extension. Costs can be minimal, as you do not have to finance the construction or repair of a new home.

So far, Diamond Construction Ltd has completed construction projects designed in a modern style, where glass and metal are the most prominent, or in the traditional version, with extensive use of wood, stone or bricks. Our belief is that every idea can be realised and every building can be extended as long as there is enough free space outside. At the same time, we make sure that the house extensions we create harmoniously combine with an existing structure and its surroundings.

We can advise brilliant extension design ideas and show you how to add space and value to your home.

Plan the additional space inside your home with Diamond Construction from London!

House extension Type

Not every house, even one recently built, meets the needs of its owners. They may have a desire to change something: not only repaint the walls or rearrange the furniture but also make a redesign of the house by extending it and enlarging the living environment.

So if you need more space and have decided to extend your home, you must choose what type of extension you would like to have:

Extension TypeDetails
Single Storey/Rear Extensionopens up a house and connects it with the garden, is constructed at the rear or on the side of the house.
Double or Multi-storey Extension serves to enlarge the existing space on upper floors and can even add an extra room
Sunroomextension with large areas of glazing, but with a conventional insulated roof and typically one insulated wall
Garage Extension turns a garage into living space and avoids losing the garden space.
Transformative Extensioncan become a part of an overall redesign scheme that completely transforms your home’s appearance
Side Return Extensionstretches your home into an alleyway at the side of your house.
Wrap-around Extensiona side return extension combined with a rear extension.


Trust the experience and professionalism of Diamond Constructions Ltd. and convert, extend your house or get fantastic bespoke furniture for your interiors.

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HOUSE Refurbishment & EXTENSIONS


  • Can my house be extended?

    A : It might come as a surprise for you but the good news is that about 90% of traditional houses can be converted. The first step is a survey in situ carried by our professional team.

  • I’m afraid my house is too small.

  • How much will it cost?

  • Are there any financial benefits of house extension?

How, why and which?

Extending your house is a huge task to undertake – it is a big decision that will affect your house forever, so it is natural you’re going to second guess yourself along the way. That’s why we want to take you through the whole process step by step, so you’ll know if it right for you.

How do I extend my house?
Designing the extension

Designing your extension is the most severe part of the process. When a homeowner thinks about a house extension, they usually have a very specific plan and vision for their house. The problem is, most house owners aren’t architects, and they don’t realize all the intricacies involved in designing an extension. That’s why, in most instances, a clash between the homeowner and the designer occurs. What’s important to consider is that most architects do have your best interest in mind, so think through their points. If you really have a specific vision and don’t allow for compromises, definitely make it known to the architect, and he’ll probably find a way to make it true.

Getting permits

Before any work can start, you must make sure you comply with the legislation related to your property. Usually, the government respects your property rights and allows you to do whatever you please, but that’s not always the case. For example, if you are building a foundation within 3m of the boundary or digging within 6m of the boundary, you’re subject to the Party Wall Act, which dictates that you should get written consent from all of your affected neighbours before construction starts. That’s not the only law that affects you, and you mostly like would need to hire a lawyer to take care of all the paperwork. The good news is construction companies will take care of that for you.

What to do during the extending duration

After the design and the permits are all in place, work on your extension can finally start. The builders and operators will be busy during this period, and the noise and movement might be too much to bear. If the construction company you’ve hired is experienced and trustworthy, it is recommended you vacate your house for the duration of the work. If you don’t want to vacate or can’t, you should mentally prepare yourself to live through the mess for a few weeks.

Why should I extend my house?
Cost considerations

In most instances, following through with an extension would cost you much less than outright moving to a house that suits you. When extending your house, because you control the size of the new rooms, the materials, and the design, the actual cost of the extension is very customizable to your needs. Buying a house, on the other hand, would require more planning, and you might have to pay extra for features you don’t want in your new house, driving the cost up unnecessarily.

Complete control over your property

Tying in with our first point, you’ll have complete control of over how your extension is designed, which materials are used, and how the building process goes. If you want a huge space for a new living room, you can do it. If you want a personal playroom or home theatre, it’s very doable. If you want a highly insulated cosy bedroom, the builders have you covered. This level of control is almost impossible if you choose a new house over extensions. This deters many people from looking for a new house if they already like their home.

Personal attachment

There are some things money can’t buy, and your house might be one of them. How? Depending on how long you’ve been in your current house, it might be the place where you grew up and learned to explore and appreciate the world, it might be the place where you and your husband slowly fell in love and the house is filled with precious memories of you too. It might even be where you saw your son first say ‘mama’ and learn to walk. None of these memories can be replaced, so moving out of a house is a very big deal for everyone. That’s why extensions provide the perfect solution if you find your house too precious to abandon. It’s a way to breathe a new life into your house while preserving the memories you made there.

Home extensions in London

Known for its tall buildings and expensive real estate, extensions in London require real commitment and planning – here are a few tips that will help you along the way:

#1 Make sure you have everything in order

You need to do a lot of preparation to get the ball rolling on your extension project – getting a planning permit, finding a reputable construction company, and ensuring you have a place during the whole thing. That’s why make sure you are careful and have everything in order before starting.

#2 A reputable and expert company

London’s real estate market is an easy place to make a quick quid, and that’s why it attracted a lot of unsavoury and inexperienced companies looking to exploit the market. Choosing a construction company is the most important decision you’ll make – it’ll decide whether you’ll get what you want or you’ll get a cheap imitation that won’t withstand the test of time.

You should be looking for these characteristics in a construction company:

    • At least 5 to 10 years of experience.
    • Good scores and reviews on the relevant sites.
    • Openness about their process and prices.

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