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Many homeowners decide to have a loft conversion in their home as they need to enlarge their existing living environment. A loft conversion creates extra space for new rooms which can be a bedroom, children’s playroom, entertainment zone, etc. without the necessity to move house and without causing too much of a disruption.

Diamonds Construction Ltd. provides loft conversion services as an efficient way to extend the living space. We partner hand-in-hand with local authorities to ensure compliance with all the current legislation. We always closely work with you on your ideas to draw up unique loft conversions plans for you. London homes often have a limited amount of space to expand to, so going upwards is the smart way to gain more space.

We only use high-quality materials so you can be sure of the first-class result and complete satisfaction. It does not matter whether your attic is large or small – we can provide innovative solutions to maximise the usability of your new rooms. Our highly-skilled joiners can work wonders during home renovation and we always aim to exceed the expectations of our clients, making the most of lighting, materials and taking into account the height of your roof to fully utilise the available space.

There are four main structural types of loft conversion which we can use to convert your current attic into a new and amazing room, each of which can be done by our team of professionals:

  • roof light;
  • dormer;
  • mansard;
  • hip to gable.


Flats with rooflight terrace and hedge

It’s a popular and widely-used solution which can be applied if your existing loft has enough height. The rooflight option is widely spread as it does not involve any alterations to the existing roof structure. Moreover, it is conducted with minimal disruption.

One of its main advantages is that planning permission is not necessarily required, as the roof doesn’t change its original shape and size. As a result, this kind of work is included in the category of permitted development.

Rooflights let in a generous amount of natural light so that your converted loft space becomes airy and bright. Moreover, they are usually fitted rather quickly and easily.


Modern house with large window

A dormer is a wooden or steel structure which often contains a window and is installed vertically beyond a pitched roof. It is a way out when the gable roof does not allow full use of the whole area where in some places a person cannot normally stand or place the desired things.

It usually protrudes from the rear roof slope of a house. Dormer loft conversions is a popular option for London homeowners who are often in need of additional space as dormers provide a large floor area, and a good head-height is achievable in the majority of the new space.

In general, if you meet your regional criteria the planning permission is not required.


Completely refurbished loft

The use of the mansard is a great idea to expand the living space. In short, the mansard in the attic is a living space which is considered one of the most reasonable and accessible solutions. In a well-built converted loft, you can spend time with your family or do something you love there, or you can turn it into a children’s playroom.

Mansard style loft conversions have many similar features as dormers, nevertheless, mansard loft conversions are considered to be more aesthetically pleasing. It is usually constructed with the help of the party wall raising and installing a frame between two new walls. So this type of conversion usually requires planning permission.

Hip to gable

Renovation house

Hip to gable loft conversions are becoming an increasingly popular option in London for creating extra living space on a property. Usually, it is used by the owners of detached or semi-detached houses which have a hipped roof with a sloping side as well as front and back slopes, in other words, with hip-end roof structure.

The process involves replacing the sloping roof with a gable of the same height as the ridge.

Since 2008, it is not necessary to get planning permission in order to create a common hip-to-gable loft extension.


Trust the experience and professionalism of Diamond Constructions Ltd. and convert, extend your house or get fantastic bespoke furniture for your interiors.

  • Financial Responsibility to Our Clients
  • On Time and on Budget
  • Real focus on Customer Satisfaction
  • Superior Quality and Craftsmanship
  • Quality and Value to the Project we deliver


  • Can my loft be converted?

    Although many people believe that their loft cannot be transformed into a functional comfortable living space, as much as 90% of standard roofs allow it to be turned into a cosy room.

  • What are the

  • Isn’t my loft too small?

  • How long does it take to finish the work?

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