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Space saving ideas for your loft conversion!

Space saving ideas for your loft conversion!

Loft conversions carry with them incredible benefits. It’s the perfect way of expanding your home – after all, your attic space will usually go unused otherwise. On top of that, you get to add more life to your home space due to the height of the room, and with large enough windows you can make a truly bright, open space with a beautiful view. But there’s a trick to making it work – a loft comes with the disadvantage of having slanted roofs, which can make organising its contents quite tricky. What you need is to follow these space saving solutions to really make your loft space great.

Some of Loft Conversion Works – gallery 

What to consider before you start your conversion planning?

The first thing you need to consider is knee walls. These are the walls adjacent to the slanted ceilings, which can be the hardest to actually make good use of. However, if you put furniture that you use while seated or lying down, you’ll not only conserve space but also create a cosy spot that can’t be achieved anywhere else. Upholstered chairs, loveseats, beds – all of these will fit perfectly into that little space. Don’t be afraid of letting your imagination run wild – add in a TV, coffee table, and a bunch of sofas to create a nice lounge space for you and your friends to enjoy some quality time together. Make sure you add some large dormer windows to let in all that additional light, put in a reclining chair and enjoy a fantastic reading area. The best part – if you capitalise on your knee walls, you’ll have lots of space left for walking by or taller furniture like wardrobes, so that you can maximise the area you actually use with no effort at all.

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  • wiktor johnson
    25 June 2018, 08:04 REPLY

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  • Bertoni Construction LTD
    3 July 2018, 13:10 REPLY

    Great post. I am impressed! I care for such info much. I was looking this kind of info for a long time. Thank you and best of luck.

  • Alex Parker
    1 August 2018, 13:34 REPLY

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  • Wiktor Johnson
    27 September 2018, 07:31 REPLY

    Very well composed article.Nowadays there are so many builders available in the market but finding a still remains a headache.

  • rubab
    14 December 2018, 18:39 REPLY

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