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This house was crying for full restoration. In order to give it a new lease of life, we had to refurbish absolutely everything. An enormous challenge? Yes, but that’s what we are best at. To begin with, we removed the old roof, all the flooring and partition walls. Crumbling windows and plaster on the walls were next to go. Finally, we said “good bye” to the old electrical and hydraulic installations. Having prepared the house this way, we could begin with some magic.

First, with all the necessary planning permissions, we extended the house by adding one more floor, 2 extra rooms and one en-suite bedroom. Not only did it add extra living space, but it also increased the value of the property.

Next, our engineers installed new electric and hydraulic installations, a new roof structure, floors, and partition walls. The exterior of the house also needed a touch up. New windows, doors, and a terrace with a staircase leading to the garden did a perfect job. We were slowly getting there!
Finally, our skilled team of joiners worked on the kitchen, bathrooms and the new study, renovating each room to the highest standard and fitting made-to-measure and classy furniture.

White bedroom with double bed and two windows
Complete refurbishment light kitchen

Scope of work

  • complete renovation and refurbishment of the house

  • installations of gas, water and electricity

  • roof structure

  • floors

  • partition walls

  • windows

  • terrace refurbishment

Client’s opinion

Diamond Constructions Ltd are punctual, caring and above all, competent. The whole process of renovation from the stage of unclear ideas to the final touch was seamless. We are impressed with their work and attention to detail. It was a stress free experience and a pleasure to work with such professional and kind people.
We look forward to working with you again in the future.

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