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From the moment that we’ve met with our client, we’ve quickly established that the property at Woodland Gardens has a fantastic potential but will require a good amount of work. Our client was very precise on the type of refurbishments he wants to be done on his property. Our team of architects and designers drew a plan that allowed us to time the process very accurately. In fact, we even managed to finish the whole project few days before the deadline.

Unless your home extension is a porch, conservatory or a detached garage constructed at ground level, taking up less than 30 square metres of floor space, it will be necessary to ensure that everything complies with the Government’s Building Regulations.

Building regulations set the minimum standards for the design and construction of buildings (including extensions) to ensure that they comply with the current health and safety regulations. They are also certain requirements in connection with fuel and power conservation.

Kitchen with furniture, window and wooden floor


We shall ensure that your home extension meets all the Building Regulations that may apply to the work we’ve undertaken, and in making sure that any inspections required are completed and that our work meets the construction and performance standards set by the regulations.

Our aim was to create an abundance of living and entertaining space, where professional parents and growing teenagers have their own personal and working space, while still having areas where they can come together as a family.


Prior to the commencement of the main works, some planning and preliminary works needed to take place. The building is located in a busy residential area so issues such as storing of materials, deliveries and parking had to be taken care of.

The internal ‘rip-out’ began in conjunction with the installation of new gas, water and electricity services to the front of the properties. Here ‘rip out’ is taken to mean the removal of internal building fixings and services.

Scope of work

  • 3 extensions

  • Roof

  • Kitchen joinery

  • Bespoke furniture
House with wooden front door

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