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Why choose Diamond Construction?

Over the years, we have managed to build up a professional, skilled team of workers and expand our experience in our field. We have become specialists in surveying, planning, design, engineering, as well as project management. Because of this, we can offer our clients all these services in one place, reducing the number of formalities they need to undergo. Just ask our clients – our reputation is spotless.

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Why choose basement conversion?

With the amount of sustainable living space in London decreasing over the years, basement conversion has become one of the most balanced, cost-effective ways to counter that. The amount of formalities is significantly lower than with extensions, and the costs are nowhere near as high as with moving. It is currently the only truly sustainable way to increase living space. Basements are also often very underutilised, and many of our clients are pleasantly surprised with how much fun they end up having in their new rooms.

Do you do anything besides basements?

Of course. We provide various types of house refurbishments. We can add the construction of a new basement to that and we’ll happily provide a one stop shop for your project. We are flexible!

What are the most popular uses for basements?

London houses may generally lack living space, but the underused basements are surprisingly versatile. Among the most popular ways to utilise this space are media rooms, playrooms, game rooms, gymnasiums, saunas, bedrooms, nanny suites, swimming pools, bathrooms, and so forth. The sky’s the limit!

Does there have to be a pre-existing cellar?

No. In the majority of cases we can add in a basement from scratch.

What is the acceptable head height?

2.4m (8’0”) is considered a minimum comfortable ceiling height, but we can usually make your ceiling as high as you want. Costs may vary, however.

Can you make multiple-level basements?

Yes, though it depends on the area your property is based on.

Can I keep living in the house while construction is underway?

In the majority of cases, our clients can remain in their homes during basement conversion. This is because we excavate from the front garden, meaning the rest of the structure remains untouched and can be accessed freely, as we secure the construction area.

Do you only work with your own architects and engineers?

No, we will happily collaborate with your architects, engineers and interior decorators. We can handle all the steps of construction or just handle the final step if you already have specialists working in other areas. We also have third party architects and engineers we frequentlycollaborate with.

Do I need planning permission for basement planning?

That depends. If you plan to form lightwells and want to create a habitable space in basements, you will require planning permission. We can, however, handle all your design and planning submissions for you.

Does living in a conservation area prevent me from getting a permission to construct a basement?

In most cases, no. Though this may limit your choice regarding the design of the lightwell.

Can the basement construction extend beyond the house’s footprint?

Yes, we can extend the constructions under rear gardens, paved driveways, should the ground conditions allow for that.

How long does it take to perform a basement conversion?

It depends on the size of the area and the scope of the construction work. A standard basement conversion takes 12 to 24 weeks.

Do I receive any warranty for your work?

We offer a 12 year warranty for any latent defects in our structural works. Waterproofing is covered by a 10 year warranty and the cavity drain waterproofing system has a 30-year warranty.

What are the costs?

Before we determine the costs of the undertaking, there are a number of factors to consider. Due to the individual nature of each refurbishment, we recommend that you call our office. Our consultants will discuss the project with you and make an assessment of the costs. We will then provide a preliminary estimate.

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Even if I have a solid floor?

You bet! We have the means of building basements from below concrete floors.

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Stairs to the terrace
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Should I inform my neighbours about the basement refurbishment?

Yes. Party Wall awards are required and our Party Wall Surveyor can act on your behalf.

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