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This home on Putney Bridge Road was in dire need of a solid refurbishing. Though the building was old, we saw a lot of potential in it and from the beginning we were confident we’d be able to give the residents everything they wanted.

The first thing that needed to change was the space available. Before we started work, there was barely enough room in the house for the family to comfortably inhabit, so we started working on a complete refurbishment of the existing basement as well as constructing an additional floor. Once underused, the basement is now a completely functional room of its own, providing the residents with the space that they need. The added floor provided the residents with even more additional space, so it’s safe to say they’re no longer cramped in a house that’s too small for comfort.


After the extensions were added, we conducted a thorough refurbishing of the entire house. Everything was modernised while keeping the retro charm of the exterior intact. Numerous skylights were introduced to add more light into the once dark and gloomy home. We added in new bathrooms, all with completely redone plumbing and lighting, creating a space that feels both clean and modern, as well as warm and inviting. The kitchen is also brand new, with sleek metal worktops and light wooden cupboard, all made to measure. We also added in new stairs, wooden furniture, and other features, all combining elements of the old and the modern. All the elements used were crafted from the ground up by Diamond Constructions Ltd.

As a final touch, we worked on a new front and back garden. What was once a bland, the uninteresting place became a nice, modern patio that is very pleasant to stay at. The wooden panels in the back yard are completely waterproof, all thanks to the Waterproof Delta Membrane System of our own making.

The end result was amazing. You could barely say it’s the same house. The family can now enjoy a bright, spacious, and most of all, warm and cosy home that is bound to serve them well for years to come.


Scope of work

  • Complete refurbishment

  • Basement Renovation

  • New Skylights

  • New Plumbing & Lighting

  • New Kitchen designed & installed

  • Stairs & wooden Furniture 

  • New Garden & Back Yard


£350000 – 400000

Client’s opinion

I’m so happy with the quality of craftsmanship of Diamond Constructions Ltd teams. Everything was well taken care of. Highly Recommended to anyone looking or professionals in the field.

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