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At Diamond Constructions, we take on a great number of construction projects, which has resulted in a great amount of experience that allows us to carry out very complex task. The project at Falkland Park Ave was one such demanding project, but it was also one that was incredibly satisfying to complete. With a basement conversion. Complete with a new kitchen and patio entrance, this project turned out wonderful, giving the clients exactly what they expected.

We started off with a complete overhaul of the previously unused space. New installations, including lighting, plumbing, etc. were implemented from the ground up. In order to achieve the airy, modern look the clients wanted for their kitchen, we implemented a glass sliding door to seemingly remove the separation between the indoors and the outdoors. We’ve also made sure that the patio is much more pleasant to be in.

To complete the kitchen’s look, we opted for a mix of exposed brick, as well as wooden and white elements. This helped give the place a nice, modern feel, slightly reminiscent of a loft. The cabinets were all made using the finest materials by our specialist joiners. Clever lighting solutions were implemented to make the best of the space available and make it look extra appealing regardless of the time of day. In the end, the result was an incredibly well-designed kitchen that makes perfect use of the space available.

20180215-DSC_5340-HIRES — kopia_Easy-Resize.com

Scope of work

  • complete refurbishment

  • house extension

  • kitchen refurbishment

  • bespoke furniture

  • bespoke doors and windows

  • re-designed bathroom

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