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This project involved a comprehensive range of works around the house to completely rework it from the ground up. The family living inside needed not only more living space, but also a much nicer feel to their living area in order to feel comfortable.

The first step was a thorough kitchen refurbishment. The kitchen was completely redesigned in order to make it look much more modern and accommodating, with bright cabinets that help fill the room with light. The furniture was all supplied by Diamond Kitchen, and they were made to measure to best bring out the unique character of this room. Floor tiles were used in order to give the kitchen a pristine feel. We’ve also handled all the installation to make sure that the kitchen is prepared for anything.


The kitchen was only the start, however. We’ve performed a thorough refurbishment of the entire house, including moving the boiler to the top, where the water tanks are located. The playroom and dining room received new, wooden floors to add a bit more warmth and comfort to them.

Finally, we moved on to the exterior. The patio from the kitchen and across the back of the house was changed, adding an elevated space that makes the whole place look much more elegant. We’ve also handled the front garden, creating a driveway, new walls and path, all finished off with gravel on either side of the front path.


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