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We carried out the house extension so as to give the owners more space and plenty of light. It resulted in a new, spacious and cozy place where they now love spending time together. In order to fully utilize the space in the house, the client also decided for garden refurbishment and bespoke kitchen.

Completely refurbished kitchen with light brown furniture and white walls
Completely refurbished with white bathroom, toilet, bath and roof window

Scope of work

  • 3 extensions

  • Roof

  • Kitchen joinery

  • Bespoke furniture

Client’s opinion

Diamond Constructions Ltd are punctual, caring and above all, competent. The whole process of renovation from the stage of unclear ideas to the final touch was seamless. We are impressed with their work and attention to detail. It was a stress free experience and a pleasure to work with such professional and kind people. We look forward to working with you again in the future.

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