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With this project, we took a comprehensive approach, refurbishing many areas to achieve a look desired by the owner. The first and biggest task we undertook was the extension added to the back of the building. A single extension was the best way to capitalise on the resources the house had available. To further add space to the building, we also added a loft, creating a new area for the owners to enjoy.

The kitchen underwent a complete refurbishment. We implemented bespoke kitchen furniture by Diamond Bespoke Joinery to create the exact look the client requested. We approached the wardrobes in a similar manner, creating unique, bespoke pieces to fit the house’s bedrooms perfectly. We have also implemented a new plumbing system, as well as electrical installation, in order to modernize the living space. We have also made the doors and windows used in the final project.

Scope of work

  • building extension

  • kitchen refurbishment

  • kitchen furniture by Diamond Joinery

  • new plumbing system

  • electrical installation

  • new doors and windows
Completely refurbished dining room with white wooden furniture and roof windows
Completely refurbished bedroom with double bed and radiator

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